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This week's homework assignments and links to current spelling and vocab words:

Spelling & Vocab-Gr. 1
Spelling & Vocab-Gr. 2
Spelling & Vocab-Gr. 3
Spelling & Vocab-Gr. 4
Spelling & Vocab-Gr. 5
Spelling & Vocab-Gr. 6

Grades 5 & 6
Science Fair Display Sample -

Homework Help Sites
Safe Search Kids The safe browsing feature on this website overrides your computer search settings to help remove potentially explicit material when searching Google. No changes are made to your computer or your browser settings.

KidzSearch returns search results that are Google “Restricted”. It is an independent search engine that is not dependent on your computer browser settings or cookies.
Librarians have put together research sources that are kid-friendly. The search results include choice of reading levels.
Awesome Library is another student-friendly search engine maintained by librarians.
Kids Rex is a safe and sound search option for kids. KidRex searches for exclusive kid-related Internet pages across the web. They are powered by Google custom search and use the technology of Google SafeSearch.

Funny name isn’t it? Searchy Pants as a solid kid’s search engine and safe for children. It allows users to create a custom home page too.

Aga-Kids is one of the most visual friendly and colorful search engines around. Most search results are displayed in animated and interactive thumbnails. This search engine is very limited as it filters only kids-related websites..dpuf

Yet another amusing name, Mymunka is just-for-kids, safe and fun place to browse on.

More great sites:
Mr. Donn has information on most social studies topics in grades K-8 and the site has won numerous awards.
Fact Monster is a free reference site for students, teachers, and parents. Get homework help and find facts on thousands of subjects