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Library Policy and Schedule

Library Organization: Kids' Click - web search created by libranians; search by call numbers

"Do We" Really Know Dewey?

Dewey and the Alien - introduction to the Dewey Decimal main categories

Dewey Decimal System -powerpoint presentation

DDC Multimedia Tour

Online games:
Flood  -  PBS Game; arrange the books on the shelf by catagory

Order in the Library - several levels, Beginner to Genius!

Hangman - parts of books

Fiction Match -
Match the call number to the correct author. All are fiction authors.

Literary Genres

VIEW Mrs. Beebe's Genre Slideshow Presentation
(created with Google Docs)
Library Skills
Powerpoints and other resource links

Search the Web:

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Mirriam-Webster online dictionary

References, quotations, poetry anthology, and more

Piffany-search engine
Piffany is a search engine for kids and educators that allows users to adjust the difficulty level of search results from easy to hard! Watch the video:
Full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
almanac, atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus
Great all-around references for children

NH Wildlife Research

Online Tools: Homework Help Junior-

Classroom Clip Art
Free Clipart, Illustrations and Photographs

Clip Art for Education  
clip art, photographs, pictures and other images for school use; a place to copy and use graphics legally with proper referencing

Find hundreds of learning games, online activities, research materials and multimedia resources for kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students.

Free Backgrounds for Webpage
This Day in History
Research and notetaking activities:
Fact Frenzy

Online help creating a bibliography! Need help with the citations for your bibliography? These online resources will generate the citation for you, just feed it the information and it's all done!
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Noodle Tools - NoodleBib

Easy Bib
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