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About the WEB
  1. Learn the Net
  2. Welcome to The Web - Take the Challenge   
  3. What is the WWW?   
  4. Choosing Credible Web Sites -video
  5. Check the Authority of a Web Site - video
  6. Searching the Web - video
  7. Using Boolean Search 
  8. Another video on Boolean Searching
For the beginners:
  1. Mouserobics
  2. Find the Letter - introduction for K-Gr1
  3. Marcelino's Letters - another great beginning keyboard game
  4. Keyboard Climber
  5. Ready, Set, Go! - Introduction to Touch Typing
  6. HomeKeys Kenny
Typing by levels:
Learn to Type - touch typing
(included a teaching tutorial)

TypingWeb -
Lessons & Games!
(a student user name and password  is needed
to log-in )

More Keyboarding Lessons:
  1. Online Touch Typing
  2. Online Typing Tutor (the Mosquito game)
  3. Dance Mat Typing
  4. QWERTY Power Typing
  5. Doorway TextTyping
Now let's practice!
       Typing games:
  1. Keyboard Triathalon
  2. Spacebar Invaders
  3. Frogs Are Off Their Diet
  4. Martian City Defender 
  5. Super Hyper Spider Typer
  6. Kids Dino Trash Typer
  7. Alphabetic Rain - typing game
  8. Keyboard Climber -simple, effective game
  9. Typing Games - 14 GAMES

Timed Typing Tests
        1. Find the Technology - Tech Vocab game for beginners
        2. Click and Learn - What's inside a computer?
        3. Online Computer Glossary
Computer Hope
Free online computer related information and assistance for all types of computer users.
A great location to learn more about your computer and its hardware and software.

Computer keyboard shortcut keys

Is it up?  Quickly determine if your computer and/or Internet connection is preventing you
from accessing a web page by typing the address

Color Hunter - create a color palette from an image
Mrs. Beebe's Lesson Guides: