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Mrs. Beebe's
Art Vocab Jeopardy Game

Color Crossword & Jigsaw Puzzles

Slider Puzzle

Great art sites:
  1. Art Pad 

  2. Carmine's Introduction to Color

  3. Create Your Own Still Life

  4. Destination Modern Art

  5. Online Painting Program

  6. One Point Perspective

  7. Paint by numbers of famous art work
    -start w/easy!!

  8. The Collage Machine

  9. Symmetry/Pattern/Tangram Videos

  10. Decorate your own Greek Vase

  11. Color Factory

  12. Color Mixing Online

  13. Color Mixing 2

  14. Color in Motion

  15. Online color quiz

  16. Roman Mosaics Online

  17. Jackson Pollack Click and drag the mouse to splash paint your computer screen. Click mouse to change colors and splash paint.
  18. "Picasso-head" - create your own Picasso-like portrait
  19. New color mixing game!

 20. "Guilloche" Pattern Creator

21. Sand Art

22. Flame Painter


Inside Art
-What if you were trapped inside a painting and had to solve a mystery to get out? This site  explores a painting from the inside out.

Primary Games 
learn more about art while having fun! 
Intermediate games-

Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art -users choose to be a frontier explorer, field guide writer, or museum curator and then work with artworks to create something meaningful and original.

Rotational Symmetry
Kaleidoscope Painter


Let’s Tessellate! Beginner's Tessellation

Coloring Fun - this site lets you save your image to use in other applications, even embed it on a webpage, just like this one I made!

NEW!!   DrawIt!
How good are your drawing skills? Copy the images on a grid and see how you rate! Levels.

Artist's Toolkit

Learn about how artists use visual elements like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art.  Explore the Toolkit with animations and interactive modules and see Artists in Action as they create compositions.