St. Anthony School Library Policy

During library classes students will have the opportunity to borrow books. Part of their library lesson is responsibility for caring for their books while in school and at home, and to return the books on time. I am counting on your help with the following:

•    Library books are generally borrowed for 1 week. If your child is absent on the due date, please return the book to school the day he/she returns.

•    If your student would like to renew a book, he or she must bring it with them to the library.

•    If the book is not returned by library day, another book may not be checked out until it is returned.

•    Habitual over-due books may result in a loss of take-home privileges.

* Fnd a safe place to keep the book and always keep it in the same place when not reading it.

•    Students who are most successful at bringing their books on time are those who leave the book in their backpacks when they are not reading.
•    If a book is accidentally damaged, please DO NOT try to repair the book. Just attach a note to make sure I am aware of it and can fix it.

•    There will be no cost unless the book is damaged beyond repair -- in which case it will be treated just like a lost book and require payment for a replacement.

Tues3N (group 2)
K, 4P, 5B & 5P, 6L
1L, 2C, 3N (group 1)

Enjoy the books with your child!!
Thank you,