Adding new pictures and captions to your webpage:


1. Open your webpage with Microsoft word (right click > open with> Microsoft word)


2. You will probably have to click above the first picture on your page and click enter 3-4 times to create a space. Place cursor where you want your next image.


3. Insert > Picture > from file

Locate correct image. Insert


4. Resize using the corner only.


5. Border: select picture Format > Borders and Shading

        Click on Box,

        choose color,

        and line size 3 or 4


7. Click below your picture. Type a title: Remember capitals!


8. Save Minimize page


9. Open your files folder View as thumbnails look for correct picture , there should be 2. Remember the number of the first one.


10. Maximize webpage

11. Create Link:

        click on hyperlink icon in toolbar

        Open files folder

        Select number of picture



12. Do the same for the name of the monster.


13. Save


14. Bring up your folder. Open the webpage with Firefox. (select and click enter key or right click and open)


15. Refresh and Check all links.


If any links are wrong:

1. Bring up webpage with Word. Follow the directions #9 and #10 above to fix the links.

2. Save


3. Bring up webpage with Firefox.


4. REMEMBER to refresh before checking if the new links work.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


To use screen grab caption to take a picture of a word document:


1. Open document.

Use the zoom drop down menu to choose a size.

You will need to be able to see the entire image.


2. Open screen Grab Pro (the black camera) on your task bar.


3. Move the cameras window when it appears so that it is off the document.


4. Click function key 8 (F8)

4. Create a box around the image.

The cameras window will reappear.


5. Go to View and choose the bottom one (jpg image)

Check if it is ok.


6. Go to save as ( or use the floppy icon at the bottom)

Locate your folder -NOT your webpage folder

Name it and save


7. The image should now be in your folder and you can follow the instructions above to include it on your webpage.


Transferring webpage folder to shared docs


1. Right click and copy entire webpage folder.


2. Open shortcut to teachers shared docs icon on desktop


Right click network icon on desktop, go to search for computer, type in Teacher and.


3. Locate and open Shareddocs on teacher computer


4. Open 2009 grade folder (example: gr4_09)


5. Right click and paste. If you are replacing an older folder with a newer one it will ask you - click Yes)