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Around the World - Countries
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KidsWorld Atlas Resoursces: scroll down to find info on languages, anthems, religions and more

Students of the World
photos and statistics about all countries of the world : maps, flags, mottoes, national anthems, etc.

NationalGeo Welcome to the World of Maps

Why Geography? - Video

Kids' Geo Games
World Countries Atlas

Introduction to Maps for Kids - Video

Map Zone
Country Profiles from BBC
Compass Rose
Learning Games for Kids - Geography
World Fact Book -  from

Understanding Map Symbols
Nat. Geo. Kids Games
Flags of the World
Using Cardinal Directions
Where Is That? from Funbrain
Map of countries -Locations in world
(need to take screen shot - shift +cmd +4)

WebRangers Reading a Map
Map Snaps

Map Games for Kids
KidZone Geography - United States
Printables for various State Emblems

GeoNet from Houghton Mifflin
National Anthem Midis, Lyrics, World Flags, and World Music!
Match the Continents 1
50 States Drop Game
Google Translate
Match the Continents 2
State Capitals - online quiz


Crossword Geo Puzzler - guess the country