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Language Arts

Social Studies
Online Instant Poetry Forms!!

Geography for Kids Links

Diamante Poems
- learn about and write diamante poems. 

New! The SemiColon Wars Lead the Semicolons to victories over their neighbors by using semicolons, periods, commas, and colons correctly.

New! Big Escape -use reading and grammar skills to find your way out -3 games! Clues hidden in different places each time you play.

Destination Impossible -game where you have to read the instructions to help your character around Skillswise City.

Essay Map
-interactive graphic organizer that enables
you to organize and outline ideas for an
informational, definitional, or descriptive essay.

Acrostic Poems
-learn about and write acrostic poems.
Elements of the writing process are also included.

USS Constitution - Online Activities

NEW! Make your own Word Search to print or play online -Great way to practice spelling!

NEW!Spelling Central - input your spelling words and then play online games

Salem Witch Trials - Video
from Discover Education

Word Spell

Word Jungle - Vocabulary

Wacky Web Tales create wacky stories using parts of speech (help provided)

Christopher Columbus
- Links, Games and WebHunt

Grammar Blast-Level 5
Show off your grammar skills and earn
 points as you play these fun games



  Blest Are We
Glossary Words by Grade



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Gr 5 Solar System Links

Change Maker  -get as much money in your piggy bank as possible, by figuring out the correct change
Brain Pop Videos

Rounding Off

of the World Links

Learning Planet Math Games

Math Playground

BillyBug2 -Guide Billy to the coordinates
hiding the food

Decimal Darts

Kids' Corner - Animals
Builder Ted  -ordering decimals

Endangered Animal Game
Multiflyer - brush up on your multiplication skills while working your way through the solar system, saving outposts on planets and space stations from gravitational anomalies. Includes a multiplication grid for help.
Science for Kids
Times Table Grid  -great challenge

Science Fair Sites

Create data graphs

Lunchtime Lagoon -more mutipication 

Color Creation  Multiple to unlock each color so you can paint the picture!

Space Racer -multiplication 

Dividerama!  -Practice Long Division

Number Invaders - Multiplication and Division

New Multi-Player Games students play each other from different computers. Grab some friends and play! (Also single player games)

New!! Factor Game - play against a partner or the computer

Hygiene Slideshow

Physics Fun!  Hundreds of games using the basics of physics
 Here a just a few...

Gluey  Group and remove blobs of the same color as you try to reach the target score in this gluey physics game Mini-Train  Arrange the pieces provided in each level to allow your train to reach the tunnel. Can you help the train pass through all 24 levels.
Orange Alert  A physics-based removal game.Remove orange shapes while keeping the green ones on the screen. Let it Glow  Click on wooden blocks and remove them in such a way that the transmitters connect the energy source to the light bulb.
Werebox  A puzzle game in which you have toremove red shapes from the screenby transforming boxes and balls.Transform your way through all twenty levels! Fantastic Contraption  Create crazy contraptions with wheels and rods to guide the pink object to the pink area. Use your imagination and knowledge of physics to come up with a solution for each level.
     Thinking Activities and Just for Fun!     
Animal Maze - Not as easy as it looks!

Net Smart for Kids - 20+games

Pattern Quest
Crayola - 16 fun games to choose!

Sketching with Symmetry

I-Spy Online!

Snowflake patterns for kids
Sudoku Online

Tree Light-up Challenge

Zoopz - Games that make you think!

Coloring Fun -this site lets you save your image to use in other applications, even embed it on a webpage, just like this one I made!

Glogster EDU -
online digital poster generator