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                 Learning Fun!              
Language Arts

Dictionary Skills
Spelling Central - input your spelling words
and then play online games

Make your own Word Search- to print or play online. Great way to practice spelling!
Big Escape - use reading and grammar skills to find your way out -3 games! Clues hidden in different places each time you play

Hangman - for beginners

Amazing Spelling Fleas-  spelling, verbs, memory, comprehension and more!
Social Studies
Word Invasion (Parts of Speech)

Word Spell

Coconut Vowels - spelling practice with vowel pairs

Word Jungle - Vocabulary

National Geographic
Online Instant Poetry Forms!!

Wacky Web Tales  - create wacky stories using parts of speech (help provided)

Make the correct inference with the information provided before your enemy sinks your battleship!

Kid's Corner USA - Main Page

Kid's Corner USA - activities
Grammar Blast-Level 3 Show off your grammar skills and earn points as you play these fun games

Jamestown Against All Odds - video

Destination Impossible -game where you have to read the instructions to help your character around Skillswise City. 
     Creative Writing


Story Plant (StoryStarter -BBC)

StoryStarter (Scholastic)

Instant Story (parts of speech)


Math Skills - Gr. 3

NEW!! Fractions from Sheppard Software

Learning Planet Math Games

Math Playground

Grade 3 Food Chains Page
Change Maker - watch your piggy bank grow as you figure out correct change

Buy It! - money game

PiggyBank - money game
Regrouping Addition Interactive

Regrouping w/Base Ten Blocks

Adding 2-digits - Step by Step

Adding 3-digits - Step by Step


 Build-a-Fish-choose a body, mouth, and color/pattern, then release it into the reef! Search the reef for food but evade predators! Click  on Enter Build-a-Fish Link

Kid's Corner - Animals
Multiplication Fun

A-Z List of Animals

Animal Games

Kids' Zone - Animal Facts
Color Creation 
 Multiple to unlock each
 color so you can paint the picture!

Endangered Animal Game

Oakland Zoo - Animal Pages
Interactive Clock       Bang on Time 
Stop the Clock!         
Clock Maker

Elasped Time Tester

-Animal Videos
Multi-Player Games
Multi-player games enable students to play each other from different computers. Grab some friends and play! (Also single player games)

Animals A-Z
Creature Features

Enchanted Learning - Animal Printouts and so much MORE!

Exploring Nature

Great Site for Elementary Schools
Academic Skill Builders: Another site for great practice in math (and many other skills!) Choose by grade/subject.

Yahoo Kids - Animals
Coordinate Games:

Time Line Creator
     Thinking Activities and Just for Fun!     
Animals - color online

Pattern Quest

Crayola - 16 fun games to choose!

Effective Detective (Arthur)
Butterfly Match

Rainbow the Spouting Trout
Fun with Pattern Blocks

Sketching with Symmetry 

Zoopz - Games that make you think! 

Coloring Fun - this site lets you save your image to use in other applications, even embed it on a webpage, just like this one I made!

Animated Text Generator -Create and save animated text.  This is the tool I used to create the link above.