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  Learning Fun!
Academic Skill Builders:  Great games to practice  math and many other skills! Choose by grade/subject.
Language Arts
Social Studies

Marc Brown's
Arthur Series - PBS Website 
Write a letter to Arthur or one of his friends.
Letter Writer Helper

Community Workers
- learn about workers and their jobs

Community Workers online coloring
This site has tons other coloring pages too - all listed by subject.

Letter Generator - Read,Write,Think

ABCya Friendly Letter Maker

Color Online (you can also print these images before you color or after, too)

People and Their Jobs
Printable pages here!

bee Interviews with Eric Carle    
Printables 2
Printables 3

Alphabet Soup
-Find Hidden Words to solve riddles

Visit Plimoth Plantation

Wacky Web Tales
- create wacky stories using parts of speech (help provided)
National Geographic

Hangman - for beginners

Online Instant Poetry Forms!!

State Symbols - Birds, Trees, Flags and more!
50 States .com - maps

Brain Pop Video - Nouns

Sheppard - State Clues
also: State Info (see list on left)
A-Z Kids - States
State Sites for Kids

Grammar Blast-Level 2!
Show off your grammar skills and earn points as you play these fun games.
Big Escape - use reading and grammar skills to find your way out - 4 games!
Amazing Spelling Fleas-  spelling, verbs, memory, comprehension and more!

Learning for Kids - State Sites
Enchanged Learning USA
The U.S. 50
Kids' Konnect States
Info Please
USA Games, Quizzes and Puzzles
50 States - Drag and Drop
50 States - Find and Click

States - Hangman
States - Wordsearch
States - Jigsaw

Kid's Corner USA - Main Page
Kid's Corner USA - activities


All Skills

Practice >> 2nd grade
Here are all of the math skills students learn in second grade!

Make Learning Fun! Multi-Player Games   enable students to play each other from different computers. Grab some friends and play! (Also single player games) Choose addition subtraction, multiplication, reading, and lots more!

Math Playground
Learning Planet Math Games
Math Facts
Math Facts Flash Cards
2 + 3= Addition
5 - 3= Subtraction 8-__=5

Basic Math Fact Quizzes
Adding 2-digits - Step by Step

Math Magician
Adding 3-digits - Step by Step

That's A Fact!   from HarcourtRegrouping Addition - Review

Draggable Addition
Regrouping w/Base Ten Blocks

Double Digit Math
Regrouping Addition Interactive

ELab - regrouping addition Videos



Fruit Shoot (Coins)

PiggyBank - money game

Counting Money (from Harcourt Pub.) Buy It! - money game

Fun Money Games for Kids
Equivalent Money Quiz

Coin Combo


Bang on Time
Clock Shoot

Interactive Clock Math Zone - several time/clock games

Stop the Clock!
Math Slalom

From Apples 4 the Teacher:

From SoftSchool

Geometry and Statistics

Brain Pop Video - Charts & Graphs
Student Pictograph WebLesson:
Other Games:
Play Ball; Make Your Own Pictograph; Make Your Own Pie Chart
Fishing or Fruit Fall Bar Graph games


Rocks & Mineral Geology Videos:

Funschool Dinosaurs
Dining Decisions Game
National Geographic Dino Quiz
Supermarket Adventure
Making Fossils
Lunchlab - From PBS Kids
Build Your Own Dino

Explore the World of Nutrition
Skeleton Jigsaw
Arthur's Lunch-O-Matic -choose the right foods to create a balanced lunch
Dinosaurs for Kids

Exploring Nature
National Geo Kids - Animal Videos

Children's Museum Activities
Enchanted Learning - Animal Printouts and so much MORE!

Polar Fun Page

  Thinking Activities and Just for Fun!      

Animals - color online
Caterpillar Puzzle

Crayola- 16 fun games to choose!
Butterfly Match
Effective Detective (Arthur)

Butterfly Match 2
Rainbow the Spouting Trout

Butterfly TicTacToe of pages by subjects!

Caillou the Architect - build a house inside and out! **Disney Mini Games
lots of choices

Switch Zoo
Interactive Coloring Pages
Users may select from a palette of many colors, and mix any combination of them.

Build Your Wildself! 
Coloring - Apples4Teacher - by months/subject - many pages
Lite-Brite Online
Programming Games for Kids

Fun 4 the Brain
Addition Games

Knight Flight

Aquatic Speedway

Going Fishing

Classroom Capers


Math Monsters